Thursday, May 1, 2014

Golfing Westchester Golf Club

Nestled in the heart of the LAX airport is the charming executive course of Westchester. With a mammoth driving range a par 5 (usually unheard of for par 5 courses) and lights for night play, Westchester is not your average executive course.

The pace of play issues I have experienced at other courses are the norm here as well, at least on the front 9. If you can get to the 10th hole, you are golden and in for a 2 hour 9. Pace of play issues aside, the course itself is nicely kept. The tee boxes are in decent shape and the fairways are some of the best I have played in LA thus far.

The greens are really where the course shines because there are many mounds and slopes to negotiate as you get around the course.

Did I also mention that you play next to the airport?

It makes for a hilarious "man made" obstacle to negotiate the noise and the jets rumbling down the fairways.

I liked it!

There are a couple holes of real note that this course. The first is the second hole which is short but has water at 230 yards out making a real risk/reward tee shot.

Another great hole is the 18th, while short, it is uphill and into the wind with an insane green making for a nasty but enjoyable hole.

All of the reviews aside, I will never forget (never? never!) my time at Westchester due solely to the fact that I holed out on 15 for a &*)(*)(&*(& eagle! I might have had eagles before but I can't remember, I will sure remember this one though, PW from 105

and with one hop, my scorecard got a lot better.

As golfers we all know the feeling, lousy round and then one shot redeems the whole mess and you come back the next week eager for action. Well I am more than eager after that eagle and then birding 18. Ready to get back at'em!

Want more info about Westchester, check it out here:

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