Thursday, May 15, 2014

Getting Fitted For Ping

As I have gotten back into the game of golf, it has become quickly apparent that my irons are not what they once were. Sure you could blame my "swing" my lack of "discipline" or my "rust" for having poor results on march from the sofa to the course but I knew my clubs were failing me for one distinct reason, they were fitted for me 18 years ago.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Hogan GCD Edges (remember those?) but I don't doubt for a moment that my 16 year-old-self has a different game than my 30+ year-old-self and that I should take advantage of the new technology.

With this in mind, over the last few weeks I have been hitting up the indoor driving ranges of Roger Dunn here in SoCal trying out different irons. I was surprised by some (Titleists always the thoroughbred of the golf world, too clunky for my tastes) and enjoyed swinging some others (Callaways, amazing clubs, including the X2 Hots).

The one club that I consistently liked was the Ping i25. It had a minimal (but progressive) offset, whatever that means, and truth be told, was pleasin to the ol eye (it was purty). I also hit it straighter and longer on the simulators but honestly, I don't know how you trust those things completely. You need to see the ball actually fly.

So a few Sundays ago, I went down to Del Mar California to get professionally fitted by Josh from Ping. It was my first fitting in years and Josh answered my questions and put me through all the fitting paces. I was thinking I could hit the black "off the shelf" Pings but Josh had me dialed in and put me on the custom fit track:

And wouldn't you know it, I hit the custom fit clubs better than the off the shelf clubs. Now the true test, how do they hit? Stay tuned!

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