Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Top Courses Played 2019

It what is becoming an annual tradition, I recap some of my favorite courses played during the year. Come along with me, won't you on this look back on 2019!

5. Seascape

When one thinks of NorCal golf, the mind is quickly drawn to courses like Pasatiempo but it would be foolish to sleep on a course like Seascape. The back 9 is outrageously good with interesting tee shots undulating fairways and fascinating greens. I am all about this course and can't wait to play it again!


4. Cabot Links

I love watching any golf tournament played on links golf courses. The sea, the wind, the fescue, give it to me all the time. The irony is I rarely play any links courses living in SoCal. So when I had an opportunity to play at Cabot this year, imagine my surprise that the Links course, well, was a links! I got my fill of wind and sea and you just feel so connected to the land playing this course.


3. Pasatiempo

The back 9 of Pasatiempo is one of the most intriguing 9s I have ever played. Sure all 18 holes have world class greens and bunkers but the back 9s routing I could play in 100 different ways and I WANT to play it 100 different ways. The 10th and 16th hole might be two of my favorite all time holes and I can't wait to get back there.


2. The Home Course

Sometimes there are courses that just speak to your soul. THC is one of those. If I lived in the Seattle/Tacoma area I would play here all the time and twice on Sundays. The routing on the front 9 is fantastic, the shots on the back side make you think and the course is in primo shape. Overall, one of my favorite courses in 2019 and just in general.


1. Cabot Cliffs

The Cliffs course simply smacks you in the face with routing, views and audacious golf design. It is over the top in the best way possible and I am here for it. Cabot (like its sister resort in Bandon) is a trek for most golfers but I highly recommend it just for this course alone. Truly worthy of being in the World Top 100.


Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Home Course

Every once in awhile you step onto a golf course and just KNOW you are going to love it. I can't explain it in logical terms but when I stepped onto The Home Course near Tacoma Washington I just felt at well...home.

The course is in amazing shape, has fun undulations, no houses and is just a whole lot of fun. Just sitting there waiting for my tee time by the small starter's shack watching the lake on an awesome par 3

in the Fall just made me happy and I enjoyed the round because of this initial vibe. The first hole is a nice opening handshake of Pacific Northwest golf and it amazing to think that this course can stretch out well beyond 7,000 yards from the tips.

Speaking of tips, the one tip the starter gave me was stay out of the bunkers. Given the variety of shapes and placements, that was a good idea.

The views off the tee are interesting and the undulations in the fairways are great. Sure, some bulldozers probably had a hand in all of this but it makes for a really interested round rather than an over-stylized course as it just seems to fit in the natural landscape.

Side note, one of the favorite tee markers in recent history has to go to the Home Course's dynamite tee markers!

There is water on the course but is used in a judicious manner. A great pond giving you something to think about on a par 4.

and great framing of a par 3 on the backside.

While I liked the front 9 slightly better than the back 9 (especially the weirdo walk between holes where you are basically walking a 19th hole in length) the back 9 has some crazy hills and undulations which makes it a blast to try and navigate. Here are but a few examples:

Whenever I visit a place I always think to myself, where would I play if I actually lived there? My mind often drifts to the private courses and in Seattle of course in my fantasy mind I think, well I will join Aldarra or maybe Seattle Golf Club. Of course the "realist" in my fantasy would then say, well what if you can't afford those clubs, where would you play?

Bar none, I would play at the Home Course all the time. Give me this course every day of the week and twice on Sundays. The conditioning, the routing, the challenge yet fun the course inspires, I am loving it and can't wait to go back.

For more info on the Home Course check out this link: https://thehomecourse.com/