Monday, August 26, 2019

Seascape Back 9 Review

With so many golf websites on the Internet, it is tough to find true "hidden" gems but Seascape in Aptos California is certainly one of them.

Living in the shadow of the big dog in Santa Cruz Pasatiempo, Seascape can certainly hold its own. I happened to play the back 9 as a warmup for Pasa but liked the course so much, I wanted to go back and play the front 9.

The undulations off the tee are fantastic and while some driving areas are narrow, the conditioning was great and the greens? NOT TOO SHABBY

Perhaps my favorite hole is the 17th which is a fantastic drive going right to left and then your second shot is up the hill to a killer green.

Seascape could use a bit of tree thinning and the routing is slightly tortured given the houses but the pluses definitely outweigh the minuses at this track. If you are looking for a solid course in NorCal for a reasonable price, this is the one.

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