Thursday, May 22, 2014

Golfing Scholl Canyon Review

Most golf courses are laid out along the natural contours of wherever the developer buys land. Some emphasize creeks or rivers that runs near them, some the hills, some create all of those things for the golf course.

Until Scholl Canyon, I have yet to encounter a golf course designer who said "screw it, I am building a golf course on the top of a freakin mountain".

There are cliffs, canyons and ridges that you must trundle up and down. I have no idea what elevation gain/loss is for any shot that you might make at Scholl but suffice to say, there is no pedestrian hole on this course.

Being situated on the top of a mountain has its advantages, especially for killer views of Los Angeles.

Scholl Canyon is an executive course, the majority of the holes are par 3s with a smattering of great par 4s. What makes the par 4s great is the real risk/reward aspect. Shape your drive using the contours of the course you will have a great chance at a birdie. Miss, and its off the cliff with you.

The downside of Scholl is the marshaling and lack thereof. Yelp indicated that rounds would be slow as the golf newbies would be trying out there games but I never expected such a weirdly inconsistent groupings (lots of people playing the same few holes, the rest of the course wide open). Also there were a definite lack of "fours" yelled, ball marks repaired, etc. but the course was in pretty good shape and even with these downsides, I breezed through 18 in 3 hours and loved doing it.

I also loved it because I came thiiiis close to a hole in one

Maybe next time Scholl, I will be back!

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