Thursday, May 29, 2014

I Am Addicted- To WGT Golf

Some people have Candy Crush. Others have Tetris. Some people pass the time by actually learnin' n' stuff. Not me however!

Why ReGripped you might say, how doust thou wile away the hours? My Elizabethan-era golf friends, let me introduce you to WGT Golf!

The game is free to play although you may need "credits" (which cost real money) to access some of the cooler courses.

You have the options of playing 9-18 consecutive holes

Playing closest to the hole games

or joining up with others to play against them.

(Halo has nothing on WGT golf).

The graphics are top notch, you feel like you are playing a realistic golf game with bounces, wind gusts, shimmering water.

My favorite game is the traditional 9-18 hole stroke play (mainly because I suck at the closest to the hole games) but I really wish WGT rotated their courses a bit more. Maybe swapping out a course a month will help keep my insane interest level up.

Do you play WGT? Want to play WGT? Check it out here:

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