Thursday, April 24, 2014

Golfing Roosevelt Golf Course Review

I dare say (yes I dare!) that Roosevelt Golf Course in Griffith Park is one of the hidden gems of Los Angeles. It opened way back in 1933 and has been offering golfers a short but challenging "executive course" experience since then.

Maybe it was the scent of the pine trees swaying my senses or the up and down nature of the course, making each hole unique as opposed to boring parkland courses. Sure there are no par 5s but with blind tee shots coupled with severe doglegs

and tight greens

Roosevelt will give you all you could want and more.

Perhaps I am so fond of Roosevelt is because I had a plugged lie in a bunker which, through some act of the golf gods, I blasted out to 2 feet for a par. When you hit one good shot, it will bring you back for another round, well that shot will definitely bring me back to Roosevelt.

While I played there recently, the greens were being aerated so I don't know how they roll but regardless of their condition, I was SUPER disappointed in how many ball marks there were in the greens. I had to repair so many marks just to putt my ball. Usually I like to fix a few stray marks when I find them but I would've spent 15 minutes a green cleaning them up. Seriously, what is up with that?

One of the big benefits of the course is the Griffith Park scenery, particularly the Griffith Park Observatory:

Double bonus? On a Friday afternoon, the round was 2 hours and it could've been shorter but I was just having too much fun!

If you want more info about Roosevelt, here is the official site:

Here is also a nice write-up:

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