Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Getting Ready For Cabot

I can't believe it but I am only a few weeks of way before traveling to Inverness Nova Scotia and playing perhaps the most picturesque golf courses in all of Canada. I am beyond stoked!

This is my first time playing in Nova Scotia, heck my first time playing in Canada!, so I have been researching like a fiend about it and thought I would bring the fruits of my mania to you, dear reader.

Getting There:

I am taking Air Canada into Halifax and then trundling my way up to a town near Inverness. I bought my plane tickets ages ago and think I have left myself enough room to clear customs on both ends but always something to remember traveling to/from the US. Canada is very similar to the US in many ways but you still have to clear customs.

I am also GREATLY looking forward to trip to Inverness.  I am renting a car (figure easier than arranging car service of some sort plus gives me flexibility to sightsee) and am planning on playing a little golf along the way and also stopping into a few towns, especially Antigonish with dinner at The Townhouse. One of the things I like best about traveling to play golf is being able to stop in and see new places along the way and I am greatly looking forward to seeing what is out and about off of the Trans-Canada Highway.


Originally I am from Upstate New York so I have an intimate familiarity with changing weather and the concept of "layering". During June Inverness averages a high of 68 and a chilly low of 47 (all Fahrenheit) with 9 days of rain. So layer I will.

Long range forecasts are currently predicting a pocket of sun over the few days I am there so much like my trip to Bandon (which was basically subtropical like and sandwiched in-between two storm systems) I might get real lucky on this. Still I am layering and also bringing my Bandon knit cap just in case.


Lobster, I want all of the lobsters. Nova Scotia is considered one of the best seafood places and I look forward to eating everything the resort has to offer. One places in particular that I am look forward to is the Cabot Bar which is right next to the 18th green (always a sucker for places I can sit and drink right next to golf).

On the menu that I want to try is of course, you guessed it, the Lobster roll and that blueberry cobbler sounds fantastic. Plus I am a sucker for "can only get it here" drinks so order me up a Cabot Ale and a Patio Weather!

I also definitely want to go to the Public House. This place really reminds me of my time living in Ireland and I definitely want to check it out.


With two golf courses to play (although a new short course has been announced!) I am planning on splitting my time evenly between Cliffs and Links. My main goal is just to get there, chill out and playing some great golf with some stunning visual eye candy. That is ultimately the goal of any golf trip. Sure you want to play unique and challenging courses but it is for the WHOLE experience, traveling on the roads, checking out the local pubs, not checking your email for a few days.

I think Cabot can offer me that and more and I can't wait.

For more info on Cabot check out the link:

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