Tuesday, April 9, 2019

2019 Masters Preview

The Masters, a tradition unlike any other in golf. For years I have been toiling away on a live blog, recapping the ups and downs of this tourney but not this year. This year I am just taking a back seat, watching from my couch and hopefully enjoying one of the best tournaments in golf.

I say hopefully because truth be told I am getting a little burned out watching the Masters all these years and never having attended in person. It is not so much sour grapes it is just how many lotteries must a person enter before their chance for tix come up? This is exacerbated by social media of course. Much like watching 1/2 the field at the Pebble Pro-Am wear Cypress Point schwag, watching on Twitter and Instagram everyone who is at ANGC this week makes me feel like I am missing out.

One day right?

Onto the preview!


First up (and best up) is this year's roundup of Masters' schwag. The most important blog post always comes courtesy of Geoff and this year we have some good stuff.

I have to agree with Geoff that this hat is pretty tight. One of the underrated style games of ANGC is the fact they make great trucker hats. You wouldn't think a genteel Southern club would do mesh hats well but they are one of the consistent winners of schwag I have seen.

Similarly, Masters t-shirts are on point again this time featuring the famous menu of ANGC

Finally this tumbler has already sold out (its only Tuesday!) but if you want one, MMO has you covered.

I think ANGC is seeing what other small shops like Tyson Lamb and Sugarloaf Social Club are experiencing. When they release limited edition items, they are quickly sold out because people are going to resell them on eBay for much higher prices (MMO excluded from this gouging). I feel like this really is against the spirit of this type of thing and while I am glad to be able to purchase these items on the secondary market I hate the direction this is trending.

For more schwag check out this link: https://golfweek.com/2019/04/08/golf-best-of-masters-merchandise-2019-edition/

Golf Preview! 

I have thought for the last few years that Rory didn't have what it took mentally to win at Augusta because he had built up winning it TOO much in his mind. I feel like he keeps psyching himself out. However, based on the current run of form, I don't think you can bet against him. He may not win but he is guaranteed top 5.

Spieth, my main man looks lost out there on the course. He is a lock to make top 3 based on his past track record and I swore I would never bet against him but boy if there is a year to bet against him, this would be it. He may fall out of the top 50 soon but maybe Augusta will be his springboard back?

Some of the big, lunky guys might make some noise on Thursday/Friday. Your Charlie Hoffmans, your Marc Leishmans, your Gary Woodlands. These guys never seem to put it together on Sunday but I think one of the aforementioned group will make noise to surprise some people.

For all the pairings check out this link: https://www.masters.com/en_US/players/pairings/index.html

So that is it for me for this year. For those lucky enough to be going, be sure to eat a peach ice cream sandwich for me and buy a hat or 2. For those couch surfing with me, enjoy the spectacle.

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