Monday, June 10, 2019

Desert Aire Course Review

When you travel to the high desert in California you may pass through the towns of Palmdale/Lancaster. There you will see desert scrub brush as far as the eye can see but occasionally your view will be broken up by a stand or two of cottonwood trees. One such stand contains the funky but fun course of Desert Aire in Palmdale.

For years I have been wanting to play Desert Aire because of their email game. Getting semi-weekly emails in my inbox telling me about too good to be true deals, fund leagues and skins games and generally imparting a vibe that 9 holes in the high desert can be an awfully fun time.

I finally got to check out the course on a hot weekend taking advantage of a 2fer Saturday (in the afternoon it was 2 for 1 greens fees and 2 for 1 food and drink). The course is a pretty straight ahead parkland style course with trees framing the holes but there was challenges to be had.

You have to be smart with your driving as the cottonwood trees (and some Joshua trees!) really influence your second shot. Indeed the 9th hole has tree placement slightly reminiscent of Pebble's 18th. The greens are also a little tricky as they keep them longish to protect against the desert heat but they get baked out and sometimes it almost feels like you are putting in Scotland.

At the end of the day, the conditioning of the course and the routing isn't fantastic by any stretch but if you lived in Palmdale and were just new to golf, this course would quickly become your favorite place to play. Some of the holes (particularly the 5th and 6th holes) have some challenge and teeth to them and the rest of the holes give you enough of a challenge that I was glad to have played 2 rounds of 9 holes here.

Golf needs more courses like this, 9 holes for a quick, cheap round and while the golf won't crack any top 100 lists it serves a purpose of getting golfers out and about and that has a value all its own.

For more info on Desert Aire, check out the link:


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