Monday, December 12, 2016

Morning Quick Links

1) WebHead

The Tour's schedule is announced and interestingly, there are a couple of Wednesday finishes scheduled. The LPGA will sometimes end on a Saturday due to their Asian sponsors and I think its great to get some flexibility into the schedule. 

2) Double D

One of my favorite golfers growing up was David Duval. The guy had major game and for 18 months was the tops of pops. Then his game fell off a cliff but I don't care, will always root for him. All of this is to say that David is back in the winner's circle again!

3) Look Away Child

Golf has a lot of events which means it has a lot of trophies. Some of those trophies are worse than others and here is a fun article looking at the worst of the worse.

4) Oh Canada

I love me some Canada. Great people, great vistas, great moose. They seem to have it all and now to cap it off, they had a great golf year. Great recap below!

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