Thursday, July 10, 2014

Golfing Arroyo Seco

(this might be the worst picture I have yet posted on this blog)

As I have been getting back into the game of golf, I have been playing a variety of courses. Some are regulation length like Black Gold, some are executive courses like Westchester and some are par 3 courses like Arroyo Seco in Pasadena. Back East, where I hail from, the par 3 courses offer a variety lengths, some are super short, some are longer but the trend I have been noticing here in SoCal is that many of these par 3 courses are in PW or 9 iron territory at most.

Not that I mind that, I could always use work on that aspect of my game but after playing the 12th consecutive hole like that, I yearn for a bit of variety. What Arroyo gives you opposed to some of the other par 3 courses here in LA is some visual beauty.

First up some mountains and palm trees:

There is also a beautiful little creek that runs its way through the course and while it won't challenge any golf shot, who knows, maybe a woman will offer you a sword out of it or something.

I am also a big fan of palm trees so of course I had to take a picture or two of them:

Palm trees and creeks aside, the course is pretty straightforward although the greens present a challenge as they often have undulations and present a pretty good challenge in chipping and putting. Another real benefit of this course is the laid back vibe. The course was about half full but I never felt pressured to speed up play or had to wait a tremendous amount on any tee. It was too hot for that but also the course seems to encourage everyone to chill out a bit and enjoy the pitching wedges.

Check out more info about Arroyo here:

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