Thursday, June 26, 2014

Playing The Bunkers Paradise Tournament

I have been slowly but surely getting back into golf and it has been AGES since I played in a tournament. When Bunker's Paradise (a great website and golf forum located here in LA) said that not only were they putting on a tournament to raise money for the Special Olympics (great cause) but also that it was going to be at the Black Gold Golf Club, I knew I had to sign up.

Designed by Arthur Hills, I had been targeting BG for a while and the course did not disappoint. There is rarely a level lie with lots of elevation gains and losses. What was great about this course from an aesthetic and challenging point of view was the shelving of the fairways which you can hopefully make out below:

(the fairway landing area is to the left and curls right but if you go too far to the right you are off into the wilds)

I had so many favorite holes on the day, of course, the picturesque par 5 18th hole comes to mind:

as does the third hole as it is short but tight and a tester:

I also really dug how the course hugged the landscape and made for some great view from the tee boxes.

But what I really enjoyed about the course and the tournament was about how much fun I had. Ken and Kate from BP were so welcoming and fun and on numerous holes we got to try out different golf balls and contribute money to charity by buying birdies. Plus there was also an appearance from Fiamma Felitch who helped us get a birdie on a hole (thanks Fiamma!).

The day was a lot of fun. Ol Group 4B did well but we didn't win.

(the team in action, photo courtesy of Bunkers Paradise)

What did win was my appreciation of Bunker's Paradise and the great course we played. Everyone is getting geared up for next year's tourney, its only 361 days away!

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