Saturday, June 21, 2014

US Women's Open Day 3

7:00am: Whew, why am I waking up so early in the morning to follow the US Women's Open? I can't wait for the Open to come to California in 2 years. I need more of these golf tournaments to be on California time. Sure some of the best and "classical" courses are in the East, which developed before the West but I live here and the tournament schedulers should cater to me, is what I am saying.

8:00am: The leaders aren't close to teeing off yet but its interesting to see if anyone is trying to go low on "moving day". Also, it seems all the low scores have come from the morning groups both days so we will see if that holds true and if the afternoon leaders fall back to the pack today. So far, only 3 of the morning golfers, Brittany Lang, Julie Inkster and Lydia Ko are in red figures and everyone else is shooting above par. So much for my vaunted "morning" theory.

9:30am: No one is really making a move yet although one more golfer, Shanshan Feng is -1 for the day but at +6 overall, still way back of Wie. One of the complaints about the men's US Open was the golf course on Saturday was set up in such a way that no one could go low and catch Kaymer (its funnier if you say his name like one of the Germans in Hogan's Heroes). The course may be similar for the women, we shall see.

10:30am: Of course, someone IS moving now on moving day. Julie Inkster is -4 under for the day and +2 overall for the tournament. If she can keep this up, she will be definitely in the mix for Sunday. We are starting to see more golfers in red figures. Perhaps has the course firms up as we turn toward afternoon in North Carolina (or who knows, I have no idea why people do what they do, I am just an armchair commentator, now GET OFF MY LAWN :)).

12:16pm: Lexi bombs a putt way over the green (yes you read that right) and makes a double bogey to drop 3 back from the lead held by Michelle Wie.

(Lexi putted from the far right to off the far left of this green)

It shows you just how tough the course is but how consistent the women have been in misreading their chips and putts this week. It is definitely course-specific as the women are usually spectacular with their short game and this week they look like a bunch of 20 handicappers if on their chips. Update Lexi's bad luck continues as she doubles the next hole with similar putting problems around the green.

1:00pm: I know Pinehurst has received some criticism for being too "brown" and not having the typical US Open rough that is high as an elephant's eye but I don't care, I love seeing pros have to deal with the sand and pine needles.

Its a different look and feel to a course and I think the challenge of the US Open being "different" is good for the pros and good for us.

2:00pm: In a true testament to moving day, Amy Yang is putting the moves on Michelle by going -3 thru 15 at this point and actually taking the lead as Michelle is moving the other way and currently 2 over for the day. Lexi continues to struggles going 3 over at this point. Heck even the amateur Minjee Lee is currently in third place only shooting one over for the day. The lead swings on this day have been impressive.

2:40pm: The third round ends with a lot of digging in. Lexi digs out a birdie to get back to +3 and within at least shouting distance of the lead. Amy digs in to hang on for a 68 and a tie for a lead. Michelle, leaking on the back 9 has a solid par on 18 to keep her tied for the lead (dig something something). With 11 people within shots of the lead and with course very capable of making you put up some large numbers, I think its going to be a fight to the end. Who you got?

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