Monday, July 21, 2014

The Open App Reviewed!

There are lots of apps on the Golf Market but the ones I enjoy the most are the tournament-specific apps that are floating out there in cyberland. I previously reviewed the Masters app, which I loved and I also downloaded the US Open app which was kinda "meh". For my money, the British Open app is the best of the bunch.

Does it give you a leaderboard, the same as the other apps? Yup but not in such pleasing colors:

(yes those ARE pleasing damnit!)

What the app does is take the Masters template and improves upon it in several subtle but key areas.

See that, you can watch live video BUT you can also listen to a live radio broadcast with British announcers. The Brits may not be smarter than us Yanks but with that accent, they can tell me to do anything and I will follow ($60 for a British Open umbrella, sure why not?).

The app also has a nice layout for updates, the have text updates, clip recaps and photos

giving you are real audiovisual feast.

While these photos might be crappy, this app is not. Whilst the Open Cometh But Once a Rotation of this Orb Through The Heavens (eat that Shakespeare) this app is a must have on your phone.

Check out more info of the App here:

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