Monday, December 3, 2018

Talking Golf Getaways Interviews ReGripped

Talking Golf Getaways is hands down THE best travel golf podcast on the interwebs. Darin and Mitch are two great people who know a thing or two about traveling to golf courses and I have listened to all 118 episodes of their podcast thus far.

Not only are they great podcasters but they are great guys and I have been fortunate enough to play golf with them over the last several years.

I am a bit of a golf traveler myself getting around the US on my Coore and Crenshaw quest. Still though, I fan Numero Uno of Rams Hill which is 3.5 hours from Los Angeles and one of my favorite courses ever.

If you want to read my musings on Rams Hill, here is the link

but if you want to hear me babble on like a lunatic...

BE SURE to check out the Rams Hill episode here:

For more information about Rams Hill check out the link:

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