Monday, November 26, 2018

The Caddy Guy Review

There are a lot of great golf manufacturers in the US but I am always on the hunt for clothing companies across the pond. This has led me to check out Galvin Green, Stuburt and now the Emerald Isle steps into the ring with The Caddy Guy.

The Caddy Guy makes bamboo shirts and pullovers along with hats and other schwag and I recently took the clothing out on a golf trip here in SoCal.

I was super impressed by the polo. It was soft and and felt great throughout the round. Usually black isn't the best color in Los Angeles but the fabric kept me cool throughout and once I took it off, no odor! The bamboo really did its job and the polo blew me away.

I also have this killer purple-ish pullover that I can't wait to put on during the round. Plus I am also a fan of the no-tag clothes and I dig the Irish heritage of my garments.

The pullover is just as soft as the polo and the big takeaway from my TCG gear is one word "quality". I was super impressed by the lads and can't wait to see what they come out with next.

For more information about Caddy Guy, check out their website here:

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