Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Ticking Top 100 Boxes

There is a subsect of golfers that go after the best of the best. No midsized, sensible sedan for them. They want the Bentley of golf and will travel all over the world to get it. You can pick any quest you would like, a world top 100, a top 100 for the US, heck even a top 100 for the UK, Australia, etc. there are lists any golfer can pursue.

I have only played 2 of the Top 100 golf courses in the world (using the list from Top100GolfCourses) almost by accident. They have been Sand Hills and Ballyneal which I played as part of my Coore/Crenshaw quest. While each had their pluses and a few minuses, they were each clearly top golf courses with unique design aspects that makes a golfer crave additional rounds (which most golf courses frankly fail at).

I haven't been really pursuing any type of top 100 anything. Sure I have my quest to play all the courses designed by Coore & Crenshaw and I have my Cypress Point quest but what has become clear is by trying to play a limited amount of top courses, I have meet a whole bunch of people who can open doors to many other top courses.

Golf nuts find each other that is true and I am hoping to turn my 2 Top 100 into quite a few more here over the next few months. First up, my trip to Bandon Dunes which packs a lot of bang for the Top 100 buck. BD has 3 courses in the Top 100 which basically doubles my haul overnight.

Next up is my trip to San Francisco where 3 Top 100 courses reside and I hope to get at least 2 of em.

Additionally, I am lining up some Top 100 through social connections, my family (amazingly enough since we are all from Upstate NY) and a few other sources so by the end of the year I might be close to checking off 10% of the Top 100. It was never intended but by hook or by crook, I might be driving a Bentley after all!


If you want to keep track of people pursuing their own Top 100 quests, check out the following:

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