Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Morning Golf Links

1) Torrey My Torrey

Torrey Pines North course is re-open and raring to go. So far the reviews are great and it will be interesting to see how the pros take to the course for the Farmers Insurance Open coming up in a few months.

2) Going Their Separate Ways?

An unbylined article from GolfNewsNet makes the compelling case for the European Tour to split into two tours, one for the successful/American-focused Euros and one for the rest. It may be that eventually we have one world tour but for now, I really like the European Tour, moreso than the PGA and whatever it takes to survive I say do it.

3) St. Andrews Day

For all fans of Scottish golf, today is St. Andrews Day. Check out all the festivities by following the hashtag on Twitter (such a 2016 thing to write).

4) Podcast

Sean Zak from is up with a new podcast talking all things Tiger, worth a listen!

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