Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Goat Hill Golf Review

Golf companies often want you to buy as much as their gear as possible. Irons, hats, balls, sure you benefit and the company benefits but what about the game of golf istelf? It is very rare when someone in the golf business puts their money where their mouth is by helping rescue a golf course from oblivion and then takes it upon themselves to get the course into great shape.

John Ashworth, titular head of Ashworth and now head cheese of the great Linksoul, is based out of Oceanside and when Goat Hill was on the chopping block to become soccer fields, he took it upon himself to lead the charge to save the course and now to improve it. I have been following Goat Hill for several years, buying shirts to help promote saving it, getting the word out to SoCal'ers and so it was a great day when I hit up Oceanside to actually PLAY the course.

The first hole lays out all that you are in for during a round at Goat Hill.

The landing area is blind. There is a lot of dirt outside the fairways and greens. The greens are elevated.

The course is TOUGH! The course is only 4,500 yards but the ups and the downs are many. Goat Hill really leans on the hill and if you hoof it you are going to earn your spurs on this course.

There are so many par 3s but they are also tough. So many of them are uphill and if you miss the green, good luck to you. The hill will take your ball and say "screw you ball" as it goes bounding somewhere.

Even though Goat Hill can be befuddling (the front side seems to be routed AROUND the back side which is interesting), I really enjoyed the round. There needs to be more courses like this, cheap, fun and challenging. There are fascinating flourishes everywhere like a double green!

The vistas can be really great to look at.

The greens of this course are really the superstars. They roll true and fast and are firm but will hold a spinning shot. You could really become a great putter putting these greens!

The only downside to the course is the crazy amount of dirt and lack of turf on the course. However, John is committed to bringing the course back to amazing shape and I don't doubt his resolve

I am so happy I finally got to play the course. It is challenging, inspiring and a whole lot of fun.

Here is the link for more info about the course:

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