Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Fairways Charity

Golf is an individualistic sport when you come right down to it. Sure you could play in a foursome of friends every week or you can find yourself on a team like the Ryder Cup or a school team but even in those contexts you are ultimately concerned about your individual score against par.

Despite this individualistic streak, golf has a tremendous capacity for collective good with the many charitable endeavors the sport is involved in. The PGA Tour gives away millions of dollars from its tournaments. There are charity events at golf courses every week that raise money for worthy causes.

Today I wanted to spotlight a charity that blends together golf and a worthy cause, providing disadvantaged youths with access to golf courses, teachers and range time.

Golf is super expensive and if you are a poor kid or someone without access to the elite, exclusive world of golf, trying to play a game that you love can be super tough. Fairways tries to bridge the gap by offering sponsorship opportunities so you can sponsor a young golfer in affording those expensive greens fees or lessons.

This inspiring charity inspired me to sponsor a young golfer and I hope you do the same!

For more information about Fairways, please check out their website:

*all logos and photos are owned by Fairways

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