Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Golfing Mountain View- Review

When people think of California, they often think of sandy beaches or the fog-shrouded Golden Gate bridge. Yet perhaps one of the most important aspects to California is its massive farms. Nestled in part of this farm country in the Santa Clara River Valley are a few golf courses and I checked out Mountain View the other day.

While the course is really short, it is really tough with many holes going uphill or into the wind with narrow driving alleys to aim at.

The course was in pretty good condition the day I played, a bit soft in areas due to overwatering and the greens were a bit slow but they rolled true and the whole course was a delight.

What I appreciated the most was the pin position on greens. Often they were behind tall pine trees, on the edges of lakes, it was a fascinating setup and encouraged a gambler mindset. Sucker pins never were so fun to shoot at.

True to its name, there were many mountain views throughout the course and the topography plays a big part in the holes including an entire hole having basically a bowling bumper down the right side of the hole.

21 bucks for 18 holes and a 4 hour round is a pretty good deal in any golfers' book and will leave a little left in your wallet to pick up some fresh fruit and produce on your way out of town (although make sure to try the burgers in the clubhouse grill, they are great!).

For more information about Mountain View, check it out here:

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