Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Putter Stamping

If you watch the major pro golf tours you often see pros with customized stamped gear. Examples of stamping can be found here but what about us regular joe's? Where can we pimp our gear out?

That is a surprisingly tough question as 1) not a lot of companies offer customized stamping (Odyssey wherefore art thou?) and 2) there are very few places that offer stamping and not many in the LA area (its all about LA didn't ya know?). So when I started looking into getting my brand new awesome putter stamped, I couldn't really find a place that had reviews or was somewhat close to me.

Enter Torrey Rat, a Torrey Pines buff here in SoCal that offers a wide range of club customization services. In emailing back and forth with George, he put me at ease about letting go of my baby and getting it stamped (did the head need to be removed, will the putter be treated with kid gloves, etc.). Not only that but he ran through multiple customization options and we came to a great decision (as you can see above).

Not only that but the color was super close to the new Odyssey blue, which to me made it feel like I had it done at Odyssey.

I really couldn't be happier with my Torrey Rat experience and I HIGHLY recommend them to all golf fans who want to customize their gear (maybe I will even get a Torrey Rat logo on my next club)!

If you want more info on Torrey Rat, check out the link here:

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