Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Golfing Sandpiper- Review

When you think of the top golf courses in California what comes to mind? Pebble Beach, Cypress Point, Olympic Club, Torrey Pines. All of these courses are classic and all have something in common, views of the ocean. What if I were to tell you that you can have the same experience at those courses at a fraction of the price compared to the others and without the exclusivity hassles?

Well my friends, let me introduce you to Sandpiper in Sant Barbara. While not cheap (Twilight rates start at $80), this course is well worth every penny. You wouldn't necessarily think that this course is all that and a bag of chips with the first few holes being rather straightforward affairs.

The course really kicks into gear on the fifth hole with a severe uphill tee shot and a horizon as blue as the far as the eye can see.

You end up on the top of the bluffs surveying the course and you start to get a sense on how special this place is.

The course dips back towards the clubhouse but don't worry, you will get plenty of action on the backside.

The fun all starts on 10 with an outrageous dogleg left with crazy cliffs on the left.

with a well placed shot you have a great shot to the green but try not to be distracted by the scenery.

I just so happen to hit the 7 iron of a lifetime which resulted in another great view from the green.

With still another 8 holes to go on the backside you better buckle-up for the downhill 190 yard par 3 11th

which has to be the best view from a green not named Cypress Point.

Next hole up, hole 12 which is a huge uphill par 4 with an almost blind second shot and looking back makes you almost blind with the wonderful views.

The course continues with a killer par 5 over 2 ravines with the Pacific always on the right.

The course winds up heading back to the clubhouse and in one more watery twist, the course ends on a par 3 over water.

The course isn't perfect. The fairways are a bit threadbare (probably due to California's ongoing drought) and the pace of play was great but can get a bit stacked up on the wowza holes. However, on a whole, if you like ocean-infused golf courses, this is probably the best one you can play in SoCal.

If you want more Sandpiper info, please check out the link here!

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