Thursday, June 11, 2015

ReGripped Plays TPC Valencia Review

2015 is the year that I wanted to step up my golf game in all different ways. Taking lessons, finding great golf balls and playing much better courses.

When Mastercard offered the chance to play TPC Valencia here in SoCal, I jumped at the chance to play a great track right in my back yard. The double bonus is that this is a private course so I got three of my buddies together to check out the course.

The course has a full practice range with a chipping area and even a bunker to practice fairway bunker shots from. Which is good because there are several fairway bunkers at this course!

The course was in great shape, the fairways were in good shape, the greens were lightening quick and the pace of play was great (TPC strongly encourages 4:15 rounds and everyone adheres to that even without marshalls on the course).

TPCV also has a distinct personality unlike any other course I have ever played. There are huge elevation changes

there are numerous tee shots where you are shooting to a shelf and the price of missing the fairway is going far far down a slope or two. Even if you make the fairway, the rollercoaster continues.

Also, there isn't a lot of water on this course but almost every par three has a water feature involved with screwing with your mind as your are lining up your shot.

How did I play this day? Well I played much better than I thought I would, driver was a little wonky but I managed two birdies on the day. Having local knowledge of this course is key and if I get a chance to play it again, I bet I will do much better the second time around.

Thanks to Mastercard and TPV Valencia for giving me such a great golf experience!

For more info about TPC Valencia check out this link:
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