Tuesday, June 16, 2015

ReGripped Golfs Lindero Country Club Review

When most people think of country clubs, they think of private clubs with gates and strict membership requirements. When most people think of golf in general,  they think of a golf course maybe with some homes around it but a self contained entity.

What if I were to tell you that Lindero is a country club but anyone can play it? What if I tell you that the course basically goes through people's backyards instead of being a self-contained entity? Well that is Lindero, a weirdo, funky course here in SoCal.

Don't believe me about the houses, here is the first hole:

Houses abound but its not "too" claustrophobic. Most holes, houses might be only one one side and there are only a few (like 2 and 9) that they surround you and really test your focus of aiming for the green.

This doesn't just involve the houses closing you in but the tee boxes also have significant foliage

(you better be straight)

Don't believe me about routing through the neighborhood, here is your path to the second hole:

What is also weird and funky about Lindero is that while it is a par 3 course with a few par 4's, it is really all about long irons. Not many chances to break out the wedges, but my 3 iron Ping hybrid? Plenty of options there! So many holes 190+ like this puppy below:

This is the par 3 sixth hole clocking in at 192 yards. Not only that but there is a bunker guarding the front right and not one but TWO ponds guarding the left side of the green. My 3 iron was on this day my friends so I took all that danger out of play and put it right on the green 20 feet from the pin.

This course is weird and funky but it made me love my three iron hybrid so for that I am forever grateful. It is a wholly unique course and if you are looking for something along those lines, hit up Lindero.

For more info about Lindero, check it out here: http://www.linderocc.com/

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