Thursday, September 4, 2014

Golfing Hansen Dam Review

The courses in the Los Angeles City system are varied. Some are par 3's, some are executive courses and some are full fledged golf courses and I have been meaning to check out Hansen Dam, a well regarded full fledged course.

I took to the course on a hot, hot day recently (not even a 8am start helped) and really liked what I saw.

You have several standard parkland holes but then you also have holes that go downhill, dogleg left around a lake and then go uphill much like the one pictured above. The course just tops out over 6,000 yards but also has a 560 yard par 5 (which played pretty long).

I played like a hot mess all day but of course striped a hybrid to within 10 feet on 192 yard par 3 so once again golf has its claws in me. There is always one shot that keeps bringing you back to this game.

The only thing I didn't like about Hansen was that they were constantly watering the fairways. Not only do we have a drought here in SoCal but there is an advantage to browning out the course, the ball rolls further. I can't tell you how many lies I had plugged or the ball didn't roll at all because the ground was soggy.

Overall, the pace of play was the best I have experienced in the LA City system and the course was fun and interesting to play. A definite recommend!

For more info about Hansen Dam, check it out here:

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