Monday, August 11, 2014

Support The Little Guy- Energy Bar Edition

Everyone knows the big guy brands in golf, Ping, Callaway, Titleist, etc. But what about the small shops, the little guys (and gals)? Here is my ongoing series devoted to companies and people you might not have heard of doing great work.

When you are out golfing, how do you keep your energy level up? Rounds here in SoCal can take 5-6 hours which is a long time and if I am being honest with myself, I cannot be powered alone by hotdogs and cider donuts.

When I have gone hiking, my bridge food has been energy bars and gels. You are probably familiar with the names, Clif Bar, ProBar, etc. While I like those bars, they are pretty utilitarian, for energy and calories only, they aren't so great in the taste department. 

As I have gotten back into golf, I was wondering if there was a golf-specific bar. After stumbling around the Internet, I came across ebars, which are made by a small company in Tennessee. 

Not only do they make energy bars for a wide variety of uses but they also make a golf-specific bar so I ordered a box to try them out.

You are supposed to eat the bar about 30 minutes before your round to ensure the energy from the bar gets released during the round. The first thing I noticed is how good they taste. Really, truly, the cocoa and berry combinations they have in both the mens and womens bars taste great. It is also healthy for you as all the ingredients are organic and there is no soy or excess sugar in these bars.

They also really work with energy. I have played full rounds on just the bars alone and there isn't any crash, its a pretty even energy flow you get from these puppies. They are my go to bar before every round and I can't say enough good things about them (although after reading this review, you might think otherwise).

Sure you can have a Clif Bar or a hot dog to get you through your next round but I highly suggest ordering up these guys and giving them a try. 

For more info on ebars, check out the link here: 


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