Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Airlane Golf Club Review

There are tons of good golf courses in Nova Scotia. Some public, some private but all ones I want to play some day. If you are going on a golf trip to Cabot and fly into Halifax you may be tempted to play some of these other tracks but you may not have the time to do so.

Enter Airlane Golf Club, a passion project of two friends in the 1960s and makes for a great warmup to your Cabot adventure. Located about 10 minutes on the East side of the Halifax airport, Airlane has 9 holes with some great doglegs but is not too taxing on you as prepare for the other courses in the province.

One of my favourite (Canadian spelling) holes has to be this par that is an uphill dogleg right that leads to this awesome green framed by Canadian pine trees.

The course doesn't have a lot of water but where there is H2O it makes for some challenging decisions. The course has a lot of width so you can swing it out wide to the left, like I have done here or challenge the water with a shorter approach to the green to the right. Either way this is a fun hole.

There are plenty of straight ahead holes as well but with the greens being as large as they are, there are multiple pin positions that are possible.

I am not trying to build up this course more than it is, it is an unevenly mowed, parkland-style golf track with not the best POP on a Saturday afternoon but it is affordable and was clearly grown from the passion of two guys and their families which I totally dig.

You are already going to spending an arm and a leg playing at Cabot, why not get some golf kicks for appreciably less at Airlane?

For more information on Airlane check out this link: https://www.airlanegolfclub.com/

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