Monday, February 11, 2019

Chester Washington Review

Chester Washington resides deep in the heart of Los Angeles and driving over miles of concrete you wonder how there is a golf course in these parts. However, CW does a lot with a little and smushes together a fun executive course in a highly urban setting.

The course starts out alternating par 4s and par 3s but one of the most impressive features is the width of the fairways. While holes may run parallel to each other as typical parkland courses do, the routing gives you confidence to take several different approaches to the greens.

This hole on the front side is a great example of using width folded into the routing. You can flare it out right or challenge the trap to the left with a semi-blind tee shot. CW is constantly giving you looks like this which really makes it fun off the tee.

The highpoint geographically on the course is also the highpoint of the round with both the 7th and 9th holes playing over water to a downhill sloping fairway which then rises back up to some tricky greens. It really is a beautiful sight.

Unfortunately the back nine can't keep up with the front 9 as the holes lengthen but conversely become less interesting. While the routing gets pretty vanilla, the greens keep up their treachery. While they don't have swales and rolls they do contain devious breaks which keep you on your toes.

I would say the biggest downside to CW is that several holes border active streets and you really never get that serenity that golf can offer. That being said, the course is solid, especially the front 9 and if you are in need of urban golf, CW will give you all you want and more.

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