Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Mountain Meadows

I consider myself to be reasonably in shape. Sure as I approach middle age I am carrying a little extra baggage but I feel like I haven't lost too much spring in my step. I always try to walk a course if I can so when I pulled up to Mountain Meadows and saw the back tees were 6600 yards, I am like "no cart for me".

Well MM takes the "mountain" in its name seriously, I walked up hills and downhills with very few level lies and by the 11th hole I was a tuckered golfer. I was so pooped that by the signature par 3 13th hole (hit over a ravine, into the wind, 230)

I had a mini swing-meltdown and was wondering if I should beg my playing companions if I could hop in their cart. However, just then the cart girl (I hate that term BTW but just using it for convenience until I can think of another one) came by I had chowed down on kit kats and Gatorades. That seemed to do the trick as I went 1 under the last 5 holes.

Aside from my travails, the course itself had a nice mix of short par 5s, long par 4s and a variety of par 3s to keep a golfer on their toes.

The bunker complexes were in great shape with a subtle design to them that really framed the greens well (and many of the vistas were framed by OTHER mountains which added a nice touch).

The course is definitely one where local knowledge is appreciated as there are either several blind shots and not a lot of yardage markers so you need to play there several times to figure out what to hit and when.

The greens were recently punched but rolled nicely and given all the undulations in the rest of the course, I was glad to have rather flatish greens to navigate once I finally got there.

I liked Mountain Meadows as it really packs quite a punch in a small amount of space. That being said, I might want to take a cart next time I am there :).

For more info on MM check out the link: https://www.mountainmeadowsgc.com/

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