Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Countdown To Bandon- Questions

Well here we are, it is official. The time off from the job has been approved. The dates with the resort have been solidified. Now I just have to book my flights and I will be off to Bandon in a few short months.

Here are a few questions I am contemplating about my trip. If you have any advice, let me know in the comments!

1) What should I do on my way to Bandon?

This will be my first time in Oregon and I can't wait to see all of what the state has to offer. Maybe I should hit up a seaside links on the way to the resort (like Gearheart)?

Also it seems like it is full speed ahead on Pacific Gales, the much anticipated course designed by David Esler. Perhaps I can stop by and check out the property on my way to Bandon.

2) What is the must try of Bandon?

Bandon Dunes has more restaurants than golf courses (6 vs 4.5) and they do golf really well. I bet they do food really well too! I'm starting to look at menus, read, online advice etc. If you have any favorite eats or drinks at the resort, let me know!

3) What else should I do there?

Bandon has so much to offer other than just golf. There are lots of hiking options. There are jacuzzis. One of the things I didn't realize was that most the courses have clubhouses. I definitely want to check out every clubhouse on the property.

I also want to check out the Sheep Ranch. While I am excited about what the resort will do with the property and the current 13 hole layout, I have always wanted to play it before the renovation. As of last Fall, it was still open and maybe there will be a sheep or two waiting for me on this go around.

Let me know what I should do, when I should do it and how often I should do it, while at Bandon! Getting really excited for the upcoming trip!


  1. Native Oregonian, frequent Bandon guest, and one-time caddie there....

    If you are flying into Portland, I would highly suggest heading west to the coast rather than driving south on I5. I5 is faster, but the coast highway is scenic. I don’t know your schedule, but if it permits, consider playing Ghost Creek at Pumpkin Ridge about 30 minutes west of Portland. From there, go to Astoria for the night if it works. Cool little coast town (Goonies was filmed there amongst many other films)...grab a beer at Buoy or Fort George.

    Head south from there and you will come to Gearhart in about 25 minutes. Not quit Bandon, but you’ll have fun.

    Further south as you go through Florence, I would also recommend Sandpines. It’s note everyone’s cup of tea, but I like it. You don’t see the ocean, but you do get used to some of the winds. The final 3 holes are very good.

    When you get to Bandon, there is a ton to do without leaving the site. You didn’t mention the Punchbowl, but a couple hours there one evening is a must! Grab a beer or two, a cigar if you like, and pretend your 13 again and make up your own putting course. It might be my favorite place on the property!

    I strongly recommend the Punchbowl as your first option. You get use to the turf, mounds, wind, etc. Good warm up. OF course, if you play 36 first and then go to the Punchbowl you can play for free and it is a great way to end the day! (Any third round is free at Bandon if you can tee off!)

    Bandon Dunes - look for the “whiskey hole” to the right of the 10th fairway. I have gone to Bandon with people who have been their 15 years in a row who did not know it existed. Look near the trees.

    Pack a jacket! The nights can get cool and you will definitely want to explore around outside. Enjoy a drink and a stogey outside of McKee’s by the fireplace.

    The food is amazing. Try the meatloaf! The ribs are good if you can get some before they run out. The lamb stew is really good. My favorite place is McKee’s Pub, but it can get super busy.

    Tufted Puffin is good for breakfast. I have never ate at Trail’s’s at Bandon Trails and is out of the way unless you are there, but my guess it is good.

    The beer, wine, and cocktails are good. If you are a wine fan and don’t go directly to the coast, spend some time in wine country near Portland and grab a couple bottles of Pinot for the trip! Otherwise, Bandon has everything you need!

    As for the golf - change your socks and shoes between rounds, don’t bother with an umbrella, bring layers, pack shorts if you are going in the summer just in case. If you are going with a caddie - and you should if this is your first time - definitely try to keep the same one for your entire trip. $100 a round is average with a tip at the end (but whatever you want).

    Get a picture with Shoe!

    Most of all - have fun and soak in the experience! Take lots of pics!

    1. Wow, thanks for all the suggestions! Haven't heard of the whiskey hole before but now I am questing for it! I did hear about the meatloaf and that is high on the list. Great suggestions and yes definitely am going to soak up the experience, thanks!