Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Countdown To Sand Valley Post 2

Here I am, only about a month out for my trip to Sand Valley and I am getting more and more excited! All the flights are booked, the hotels are reserved and the itinerary is in full shape. I am headed to, in order, Lawsonia, Sand Valley, Black Sheep, Warren Golf Club and Colorado Golf Club. This is a huge Coore/Crenshaw trip and I am super excited for Sand Valley to be the kick off!

Mammoth Becomes Bigger:
Just before my visit to SV, it looks like preview play for David McLay Kidd's Mammoth Dunes will be extended to 9 holes. From the preview pics I have seen thus far, Mammoth looks outrageous and even if I can't play 18, I will at least get 9 in and perhaps even get to walk the rest.

Kemper Goodness:
I have always been a fan of Kemper Sports, the management company founded by Mike Keiser. They just so happen to manage the top golf resorts in the US, Bandon Dunes, Streamsong and now Sand Valley. I have never stayed at a true golf resort it has only been at hotels near courses or places with one golf course. It will be interesting to see what the vibe is whenever everyone there are golf nuts, can't wait!

Food Update:
So I have now learned about Kringles. Kringles are rolled dough that come out like a flattened cinnamon bun and can take upwards of 3 days to make because they let the dough rest between folding. It sounds ridiculously complicated but also delicious! This is one I might try: http://larsenskringle.com/kringle.html 

Also I am planning to visit the Cheese Castle! This place looks glorious and also very Wisconsin!

For more information about Sand Valley, check out the link: http://www.sandvalleygolfresort.com/

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