Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Caddie Magazine

It is rare that there is something new and exciting in the world of golf. Usually you have variations on a theme, a driver is new and better than the old driver and gets you one more yard of distance. You like golf podcasts and subscribe to 12 of them? Get ready to hear the same guest cycle through them over the course of a week.

So when I heard about Caddie Magazine I thought, do we really need another golf magazine? The answer is yes, most definitively YES! This magazine is so different from your typical golf magazine it is like a breath of fresh air. No swing tips, no club reviews that you have a vaguely sneaky suspicion are a lot more glowing that true, no fawning puff pieces of golfers or the tour.

Instead you have contemplative pieces about golf in New Zealand. You have a travelogue about playing golf in Nepal and Afghanistan. You have an interview with the new face of golf rather than the faces you have watched a million times.

What the magazine really reminds me of is Surfer Magazine. Rather than rehashing the latest and greatest in surfing, the magazine takes a more introspective journey into the nature of surfing and what a surfer's place is in the wider world. Caddie magazine seems to be seeking out a similar headspace in golf which is sorely needed.

Golf need more soul and substance and Caddie gives it to you in spades. Sadly it only comes out twice a year and costs twice as much as any other golf magazine but it is twice as valuable and I will be a lifelong subscriber. 

For more information on Caddie Magazine check out the link: http://www.caddiemag.com/

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