Wednesday, April 27, 2016

ReGripped's Quest To Play Cypress Point Day 262

This is one of several posts about my attempts to play the ultimate course, the Cypress Point Club. If you have any tips for me or want to invite me to play (!!!) please email me at I promise total discretion for anyone who helps. Thanks! 

No luck cracking the code to play CPC yet.

I thought I would update you on a few of my tactics. I have been trying to reach out to people who have played a lot of the Top 100 courses in the US or heck the world (there are lists upon lists out there). My interactions so far seem to mirror life pretty well in that if you know someone personally in some capacity, they are much more willing to help you than lobbing emails and random people who don't know you.

The other tactic is starting to get to know people in private clubs. Often if you below to a club like Cypress, you also belong to other private clubs. I recently played at a private club although no definitive connections have been established yet. I don't blame them, I am just some Joe off the street but just give me a chance, I can make mean pancakes for a gift!

I also received via email from Golf Odyssey this baby:

Nothing specific for Cypress Point mind you but good insight into how to play other private courses. Number 1 tip I found useful, most courses allow charity events on and you can play the track through the event. There are several other tips but to read em all it only costs like $2 so check it out.

Golf Odyssey also has interesting newsletters if you are into golf travel

The price is a bit steep so I would recommend becoming a member only if you need to dial in your travel plans that year.

For today's cool bit of Cypress Point minutiae, I give you, the original layout of CPC by Alister MacKenzie himself!

Look at that amazing thing! The course was created in 1928 and I love looking at old maps to see how much open space there was back in the day. Here the course is clearly denser in parts but like a plant leaning toward the light, the course is leaning, grasping for the ocean. Its so fun to see from humble sketch beginnings a world class course coming to be.

Random Course Review:
Here is a great podcast about playing courses like Cypress Point!

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