Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Golfing Fossil Creek Review

DFW or Dallas-Fort Worth. While Dallas and Fort Worth are close-ish together, they are miles apart in terms of topography and the types of golf courses that reside in each metroplex. Whereas Dallas is flat and residential, Fort Worth is much hillier with different style of courses.

One of the better courses in the FW area is Fossil Creek, which was designed by Arnold Palmer. I haven't played too many of Arnie's tracks so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. One neat thing about the clubhouse is that they have schematic drawings with the thought process behind each hole which you should definitely check out before or after the round.

The front side of the course is rather benign. It follows a creek but otherwise is not too remarkable although there are some forced carries.

That being said, I think the front side would be really good in the Summer when the fairways bake out and are cut a little more close (it was a bit shaggy the day I played).

The real reason to play this course is the backside, starting with a 190 yard par 3 with all of that distance over water.

It continues to crank up with multiple carries around water or taking water into consideration. My favorite hole of the course had to be number 12, which is a severe dogleg right around a lake with tee shots and approach shots crucial.

Hole 13 is just as challenging with a 170 yard carry over water. I played the hole to the left and then had an easy pitch on for a par. Its rare when you see a "sucker" green but this was it, bail out to the left, don't try and hold the green.

The rest of the back 9 has holes where you are shooting over creeks and quarries at various times, whether off the tee or right in front of the green.

The sand in the bunkers at Fossil Creek are top notch and the greens roll true so once you navigate the gullies and creeks and such, you definitely have a chance to score if you are near the green.

Overall the course is really challenging, especially on the backside which puts a premium on target golf and making sure you hit the ball over gullies. One other checkmark for this course are the hotdogs. Seriously, you won't have a better hot dog in the DFW area than at FC. I think I met the course on a slightly off period during the winter and my concerns about the shag in and around the fairways will probably be gone as the warmer temps get cranked up.

If you are in the FW of the DFW metroplex, definitely check this place out!

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