Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Reviewing 101 Mistakes All Golfers Make Book by Jon Sherman

Golfers are an obsessive bunch. What is the latest tech, what is the latest course and how do all of those things compare to tech, courses, etc. of the past. One thing that golfers ponder as much as any other is what is going on in their games and how to fix it. I recently experienced this, why the hell am I topping the ball with a club I normally stripe? Many holes later I figured out I was too upright and blammo, the club goes straight.

Jon Sherman has tried to the same analysis of his mistakes (and yours when he plays with you) and tried to boil it down to 101 Mistakes that we should at least address in some way or form. For example, and right out of the gate, he states the truth that that we all implicitly know but ignore anyway, don't copy someone else's swing. For me, I love Freddie Couples and I do try to incorporate his thoughts about timing and tempo but in no universe do I actually have his swing.

There are also great truisms in the book like:

I love when I am on the course and people are asking me what club I hit when, my game and my clubs are one thing, you should be hitting the right distances for you.

Jon really boils this down into a quick read that is enjoyable and makes you think in the best possible way. One of the lessons Jon imparts which I will leave you with is don't forget to enjoy yourself out there. Golf is a GAME that is meant to be FUN, so buy Jon's book, get to a better place with your game and regardless go have some fun out there!

If you want to purchase the book please check out this link:

I was provided the book for review purposes but I try to review things as honestly as possible. I don't make any money whether you buy the book or not and it's the Internet, take everything with a grain of salt and learn what you can. That being said, I really did enjoy this book! 

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