Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Countdown To Bandon- Gearing Up

Update on the Countdown? Reservations have been confimed!

One of the appealing features of Bandon Dunes is its location on the Pacific Ocean coast of Oregon. That location is a double edged sword because being right on the ocean means you will be faced with wind and rain.

Bandon averages 4.8 inches of rain a month (although less than inch during the Summer) so gear for the elements is a must.

Even though I have grown up in Upstate NY, living in California has softened me and my wardrobe so I need to up my game for the elements. Enter Galway Bay, a US company that makes top end gear that rivals Galvin Green and others in my humble opinion.

I have two pieces of their gear, their jacket and their pants:

What I like about them is that all their gear is waterproof but it doesn't feel bulky, its all pretty lightweight. I also LOVE the fact the pants can come in any size length you want. I find myself needing 30.5 or 31 on pants and I ordered a 31 in these babies and like Goldilocks, they fit great!

The pants have been tried and true after golfing in very cold Texas weather so they have held up!

I also have been reading a lot of forum posts and a lot of people recommend having 2 pairs of shoes to switch things up if you are playing 36 holes a day. Good thing I have Ecco golf shoes, those things are super comfortable and are water resistant so they should hold up to the Bandon turf!

Days Till Bandon: 109 days
Random Bandon Fact: There is a secret Bandon course which is right next to the resort but not affiliated (maybe?) with it. Playing by some covert reservation system and you make up your own holes!
Random Bandon Review: Breaking Eighty has a great review of Pacific Dunes:

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