Thursday, November 12, 2015

Golfing Iron Nine Review

Tucked in Cerritos California is a real gem of a pitch n' putt the Cerritos Iron-Wood Nine (what a name for a course)! This course has one of the best par 3's I have played in the Southland but before we get to it (since it is hole 9) what about the rest of the course?

Most of the holes on the course are under 135 yards although there are a few par 4's what the course also has a lot of is power lines which lead to one of my most unusual birdies of all time.

After hitting a solid drive on a par 4, I was left with a wedge into the green. Struck it well and as wedges often do, it went up in the air. Well it went too far up and hit the power lines but when it struck the lines the trajectory flattened out and it landed on the green! Made the 12 footer for birdie and I was PUMPED! Thank you power lines!

The course also has a lot of water.

Oddly enough it doesn't come into play on many of the holes but the breaks in the green sure react to it so always be aware of where it is when putting. Speaking of putting, I had a pretty solid day despite the greens having been recently punched. The speed was fast but not too fast and surprising for a muni. The greens and the course also plays a little wet so you can make some crazy ballmarks just from flipping the ball up on the dance floor.

Speaking of greens, see this?

I had to putt through the rough to go at the flag. Most greens are some sort of oval but at IW9 the rough often sneaks into the green at direct angles making for an interesting putting experience.

Drum Roll, hole 9!

To get to the ninth hole, you have to make your way over a stone bridge (keep some extra cash for the troll tax).

Once you get to the tee, the awesomeness of the ninth hole lays before you has your tee shot has to cross water and not go too far left to go into further water!

In case its tough to tell from the picture, if you bail out left you are either in the trap (I hit it the right yardage but in the trap) or you have to be sure of your chip shot on as it could run over into the water.

This was such a fun hole and such a fun capstone to a fun course. Its not the most challenging but if you have your sticks and are in the Cerritos area, definitely check it out!

For more info on the course, check out this link:

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