Thursday, July 2, 2015

ReGripped Goes To Kayak Point Review

On my recent trip to Seattle, I knew I had to take in some Pacific Northwest golf so I called up my buddy Bryan and we settled on hitting the links at Kayak Point golf course about an hour North of Seattle.

When people think of PNW golf nowadays their minds immediately run to places like Bandon or Chambers Bay, seaside links courses but what I wanted was a true pine tree experience and Kayak delivers this and then-some!

Trees are everywhere on this course, lining every fairway, shaping every shot and yes throwing shade everywhere. Trees are also very mean and will eat your balls or are very forgiving and will rebound your errant shot back into the fairway. You never know what you are are going to get at Kayak but you know you will get elevation changes:

and crazy holes like this one that has split fairways so you could basically play two different holes if you wanted.

(yes that is the same hole)

One thing that was definitely different about playing in the PNW was the sand. I found myself in many a bunker this day (when not in the trees) and the sane was a heavy type I have never played before so it was a challenge to learn how to hit a sand shot but I got lots of practice!

The greens were in amazing shape even though the PNW is currently suffering the same lack of rain that we are here in Cali and the fairways were running firm, which is an understatement. I only wish that I had brought my own clubs as the rental clubs were regular/uniflex shafts so I was spraying the ball all over the place. Nothing could diminish the fun of playing with Bryan or the peacefulness amongst the pines that this place inspires. Tree golf is just as fun as links golf in the PNW and I highly recommend this course!

For more info on Kayak Point, check out here:

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