Thursday, May 14, 2015

Winner Winner Roger Dunn Dinner!

Who says the Internet doesn't pay off?

Roger Dunn reminds me of golf stores when I was growing up back East. Yes they are a "chain" store but it doesn't have the sterile feel of a Dick's or a Sports Chalet. Instead RD has employees that really care about golf and getting you what you need to get out there on the course in style.

I entered into an online contest and got that sweet swag you see above. The prized possession is the limited edition Nike golf shirt in honor of the Masters. I love the Masters and so stoked to be wearing this shirt on my back.

A bunch of other Nike gear came my way. To be honest, I don't have much experience with Nike and their gear but certainly Rory is having success with this stuff and my game is like his right, right?

I also got some great RD stuff as well, firmly cementing this store as the best in SoCal and beyond.

Thanks Roger Dunn, you have a customer for life!

Want more info about Roger Dunn, check out this link:

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