Thursday, March 19, 2015

ReGripped Gets A Lesson- Week Two

Is this the week it all changes? Twenty plus years of balls fading to the right, taking one club more than most, scrambling with my short game because my long game is a mess? Is this the week that I turn it all around and start hitting like a pro?

Well if it is, it is going to take some work.

For years I have been using a particular grip and a particular swing. I had been focused on Freddie Couples Timing and Tempo that I lost sight of the actual mechanics of the swing.

John my teacher started building my swing one inch at a time. First the grip, then the takeaway, then the follow through. Building blocks upon building blocks and completely away from my normal swing.

I knew I would have to spend some serious range time in order to incorporate all of these tips and set about trying to internalize the swing on the range. Its been uneven so far but the ball flight (straight and boring) is exactly what I want so when it does work, it really works.

How will this translate into lesson 3? Stay tuned! No matter what happens with my swing, the Agave Bar will be there with awesome food and drinks!

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