Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Top 10 Courses Played 2016

It's the end of the year, time to look back and reflect and look forward to the year ahead. I am so thankful that I got to play amazing courses this year and am looking forward to all the amazing tracks next year. While 2016 is still a "thing", I thought I would share my favorite courses that I played this year:

10. Terranea.

Sure its only a par 3 course but WHAT a par 3 course! With the ocean views, the ragged rough and the fantastic conditioning, Terranea makes you think you are playing a Scottish course with a high end resort attached. I loved this course, I just wish it wasn't so expensive but its worth it to play at least once! http://www.re-gripped.com/2016/07/links-at-terranea-golf-review.html

9. Los Verdes.

Often called the poor man's Torrey Pines, this is the only seaside course you can play in SoCal under $50 and it should cost much more than that (especially on the backside). The only knock on the course has been the pace of play but I had no such problems teeing off before 7am! This is a course I would love to play over and over again! http://www.re-gripped.com/2016/02/los-verdes-golf-review.html

8. Bel-Air.

Bel-Air simultaneously reminded me of Riviera and Augusta which are two lofty comparisons. A classic course in every since of the word, the re-designs coming to it are going to make it even better. If you get an invite, definitely go! http://www.re-gripped.com/2016/03/golfing-bel-air-country-club-review.html

7. Shadow Ridge.

The best conditioned course in Palm Springs, this course is both fun and challenging. Some courses just suit your eye and this course suited my eye to a T. Love this place and can't wait to go back! http://www.re-gripped.com/2016/06/shadow-ridge-golf-course-review.html

6. We-Ko-Pa.

Desert golf at its finest. It has everything you could want, desert washes and cacti. Roadrunners and fairways. Amazing shot choices off the tee. WKP has been the best desert course I have ever played (which is saying something considering how close I live to Palm Springs). http://www.coorecrenshawquest.com/2016/06/we-ko-pa-saguaro.html

5. Ballyneal.

This course is a true thinking player's course. Every tee shot, every approach shot, every chip and putt gives you multiple options and multiple ways to screw up. Out in the middle of nowhere, you will be glad to find this course and play it! http://www.re-gripped.com/2016/08/99-holes-in-heartland-ballyneal-golf.html 

4. Wild Horse.

This was such a fun course! The routing and the isolation you feel amongst the ridges and swales of grass is impressive. Often ranked in the top 100 of courses you can play, I can see why. You need to play this course more than once to get a true sense of how to play it but that will give you an excuse to play here again and again. http://www.re-gripped.com/2016/08/99-holes-in-heartland-wild-horse-golf.html

3. Rams Hill.

The conditions are amazing and the routing is golfer friendly (almost every tee shot is downhill somehow). This is SUCH a fun course its too bad its 3.5 hours away from Los Angeles. Really, get this course closer to me and I will be there every weekend! http://www.re-gripped.com/2016/06/golfing-rams-hill-review.html

2. Sandpiper.

If there is one golf course in SoCal I wish I could be a member of, its Sandpiper. Being 2 hours away from where I live its jusssst a bit too far away to join up there but I would give almost anything to play its challenging front nine and its knock-your-socks-off back nine. Really an amazing course. http://www.re-gripped.com/2016/02/golfing-sandpiper-review.html

1. Sand Hills Golf Club.

The routing fantastic, the conditioning superb, the silence golden. Often ranked in the top 20 in the WORLD, Sand Hills show you why in a variety of ways. It was a pleasure to play this course and can't wait to play it again (a true test of a top course!).

Coming up in 2017:

A golf trip to Ireland and Scotland! Potential trips to Tahoe and Sand Valley in Wisconsin! Maybe getting on to a few private courses in Texas and Colorado. Things are happening and they will all be blogged about here!