Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Shadow Ridge Golf Course Review

I will let you in on a little secret about Palm Springs. If you are willing to brave 110 degree temperatures, you can play top ranked courses for 80% of what they would cost you during the more temperate winter season. The downside of this secret is that often the summer does its best to kill the courses and they often aren't in the best shape.

Bucking that trend is Shadow Ridge run by Marriott. Often ranked as one of the best conditioned courses period in America, SR was in immaculate shape when I checked it out during a 105 degree weekend recently. The fairways weren't completely burned out, the sand was in great shape and best of all, the greens (while slow) rolled true.

What I also really liked about SR was the variety of the holes. Often using water features

The course keeps you engaged from tee to green. The course isn't the longest but that is fine with me and also it has so many defenses from the water to the bunkers

that you are really on your toes for the whole round (in a fun way- the course isn't overly punitive). I also really enjoyed the lack of houses on the course. You won't feel claustrophobic like you do on many Palm Springs courses where you get the sense that they built the housing development first and then tried to fit in a course around that.

The only downside to SR was the pace of play which seems partly due to the lack of marshalls on the course (or marshalls willing to do anything). If I said to you the round I played there was 4:30 you would say "what's the issue ReGripped?". However if you are playing in 100+ heat, you want that round to be quick especially if you are going out pre-7am like I did. I have played rounds in Palm Springs in 3.5 hours or less and this isn't just an SR issue, many courses let play slow to a crawl, especially later in the day.

Overall I'm a huge fan of Shadow Ridge, the routing is interesting, the course is in amazing shape. Consider me convinced!

For more information on Shadow Ridge, check it out here:


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