Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Countdown To Bandon- Questions

Well here we are, it is official. The time off from the job has been approved. The dates with the resort have been solidified. Now I just have to book my flights and I will be off to Bandon in a few short months.

Here are a few questions I am contemplating about my trip. If you have any advice, let me know in the comments!

1) What should I do on my way to Bandon?

This will be my first time in Oregon and I can't wait to see all of what the state has to offer. Maybe I should hit up a seaside links on the way to the resort (like Gearheart)?

Also it seems like it is full speed ahead on Pacific Gales, the much anticipated course designed by David Esler. Perhaps I can stop by and check out the property on my way to Bandon.

2) What is the must try of Bandon?

Bandon Dunes has more restaurants than golf courses (6 vs 4.5) and they do golf really well. I bet they do food really well too! I'm starting to look at menus, read, online advice etc. If you have any favorite eats or drinks at the resort, let me know!

3) What else should I do there?

Bandon has so much to offer other than just golf. There are lots of hiking options. There are jacuzzis. One of the things I didn't realize was that most the courses have clubhouses. I definitely want to check out every clubhouse on the property.

I also want to check out the Sheep Ranch. While I am excited about what the resort will do with the property and the current 13 hole layout, I have always wanted to play it before the renovation. As of last Fall, it was still open and maybe there will be a sheep or two waiting for me on this go around.

Let me know what I should do, when I should do it and how often I should do it, while at Bandon! Getting really excited for the upcoming trip!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Three Up and Coming Golf Brands

The annual PGA show is about to take place in Orlando Florida and while I can't make it this year, there is some newly released gear I have my eyes on. Just like there is another round to play, there is always more arrows to add to the quiver.

1. MTB Red

I have been hugely impressed by the start-up golf ball company Snell and their ability to carve a niche out of a highly competitive golf ball market. I liked their 3 piece MTB ball but always thought its touch was a bit lacking around the greens. Well I bet you dollars to donuts by adding a 4th layer the new MTB Red is going to be THE it ball.

The golf ball market needs a serious kick in the rear and the Red might just be the ball to do it.

For more info on Snell, check out the link!

2. 2Undr

I never heard of these guys until listening to the various GNN podcasts but this is exactly the product I need. I don't like cart golf and really like to walk 18 but as an adult male that means I have to up my underwear game.

I haven't tried these yet but if their promise of protection and comfort are true, I am going to buy like thirtybillion.

For more info on 2Undr check out this link!

3. Lynx Golf

I have the softest of soft spots for Lynx golf. They were the clubs of choice of my favorite golfer of all time Fred Couples. I of course had the Boom Boom driver as well as a Parallax 4 wood. I have been keeping tabs on Lynx over the last few years and they have been selling irons and woods in the UK with those classic names of Black Cat and Parallax.

Well this year Lynx is coming across the pond with what looks like their best gear yet. In particular, these gunmetal Prowler irons look like they could take on any other iron in the market and I would love the Lynx logo in my bag at some point soon.

For more info on Lynx check out this link!

What golf gear are you looking forward to this year? Let me know in the comments!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Texas Star Golf Review

Texas is a big state with a lot of golf courses. One of the courses I have seen consistently pop up on Top 20 public courses in Texas is the aptly named Texas Star. Close to Fort Worth, I had to check out TS on one of my latest trips to Texas.

The course really has 2 modes. The first mode is straight ahead of you. The lines are readily apparent, the trouble clearly marked and it is up to you whether to hit a straight shot or not (when is it not?).

The second mode are severe blind shots. Both off the tee and even for second shots.

This course would be fantastic and worthy of the Top 20 ranking if it mix these two elements together. Partial disguises and straight ahead shots to give you a break should do hand in hand with a good golf course (to me at least).

Design philosophy aside, there are some great looks that the course shows you including its use of bunkers which are strategically placed in landing areas which force you to take the ball high.

If you do land your ball on the green, TS gives you a lot to think about as a lot of the greens are rather table-top-esque and your ball can fall of the side or get caught in the many undulations.

The greens were really slick deep in the heart of winter which was a big surprise. Kudos to the grounds crew for keeping those greens as crazy quick as they were.

The star of Texas Star is the 18th hole, a long par 5 with a stream causing trouble down the left and crossing over right at a perfect landing zone.

I made one of the craziest pars of all on time on this. Duck hooked it over the creek but playable. Hit my second shot to just short of the creek as it crosses the fairway. Third shot short of the green. Fourth shot put to within 15 feet. Fifth shot in.

Great vibes coming off Texas Star for sure. However, I couldn't help but think that if this course was redesigned it truly would be one of the best of Texas.

For more info on Texas Star, check out the link: