Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Three Up and Coming Golf Brands

The annual PGA show is about to take place in Orlando Florida and while I can't make it this year, there is some newly released gear I have my eyes on. Just like there is another round to play, there is always more arrows to add to the quiver.

1. MTB Red

I have been hugely impressed by the start-up golf ball company Snell and their ability to carve a niche out of a highly competitive golf ball market. I liked their 3 piece MTB ball but always thought its touch was a bit lacking around the greens. Well I bet you dollars to donuts by adding a 4th layer the new MTB Red is going to be THE it ball.

The golf ball market needs a serious kick in the rear and the Red might just be the ball to do it.

For more info on Snell, check out the link! https://www.snellgolf.com/collections/all/products/mtb-red

2. 2Undr

I never heard of these guys until listening to the various GNN podcasts but this is exactly the product I need. I don't like cart golf and really like to walk 18 but as an adult male that means I have to up my underwear game.

I haven't tried these yet but if their promise of protection and comfort are true, I am going to buy like thirtybillion.

For more info on 2Undr check out this link! https://2undr.com/us/

3. Lynx Golf

I have the softest of soft spots for Lynx golf. They were the clubs of choice of my favorite golfer of all time Fred Couples. I of course had the Boom Boom driver as well as a Parallax 4 wood. I have been keeping tabs on Lynx over the last few years and they have been selling irons and woods in the UK with those classic names of Black Cat and Parallax.

Well this year Lynx is coming across the pond with what looks like their best gear yet. In particular, these gunmetal Prowler irons look like they could take on any other iron in the market and I would love the Lynx logo in my bag at some point soon.

For more info on Lynx check out this link! http://www.lynxgolf.co.uk/product/prowler-forged-cb-irons-new/

What golf gear are you looking forward to this year? Let me know in the comments!


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