Monday, September 28, 2015

Golf Digest Writes Me Up!

This is one of several posts about my attempts to play the ultimate course, the Cypress Point Club. If you have any tips for me or want to invite me to play (!!!) please email me at I promise total discretion for anyone who helps. Thanks! 

Well my week ended pretty great last week. Why? It just so happens that Golf Digest wrote about my quest to play Cypress Point!!!

I think its a true testament to how interconnected we all are when the author found my posts about playing Cypress on Twitter and reached out to me about my quest. So far the article has been a great help to me, I have had 3 people reach out to say they will help.

One offer even got TANTALIZING close to getting me on THIS WEEK. Unreal! I am so thankful for the outpouring of people wanting to help and please keep it up! :)

Even if nothing comes from these new connections, the article gives me a larger platform to reach out and hopefully find someone who knows someone.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

ReGripped's Quest To Play Cypress Point Day 46

This is one of several posts about my attempts to play the ultimate course, the Cypress Point Club. If you have any tips for me or want to invite me to play (!!!) please email me at I promise total discretion for anyone who helps. Thanks! 

As an update, so far the direct letter writing approach has failed. I will have to say that the staff at Cypress Point are EXTREMELY nice, much nicer than most public courses and I will leave it at that.

One of the tips I have been utilizing is social networking. Yes everyone is on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and while those services can be great (and annoying), everyone really IS on them and I have been using these to try and connect with people who can try and get me on. While personal is always the best, impersonal but personal can also work. I will let you know how it goes!

Of course, regular networking works as well. I was recently taking a flight and noticed a guy wearing a "Cypress Point" vest and so I talked to him for a bit about the course. He is not a member but has played there 6+ times in the last year. Incredible! He seemed a bit guarded and I regret not saying "if you ever need a fourth". Next time, I will definitely say that.

In honor of Cypress Point, I decided to create its "signature drink" (at least according to Golf Digest), the Sam's Special.

The Sam's Special:
1) Dark and Light Rum (2 oz of Myer's run, 1oz of Rhum Barbancout)
2) Sweet and Sour Mix (4oz)
3) Powdered Sugar (1/2 TSP)
4) Ice!

So how did it go?

Well the drink turned out pretty sweet. Mixing the two rums together was interesting and I think if I dial it back a bit on the sweet and sour mix we could have a fine cocktail on our hands.

I shared it with my golfing buddies who all liked it, I just have to get the proportions right for the next one!

Here is another great review of Cypress:

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Reviewing BioFlow Sport Band

If you watch enough PGA tourneys (and my wife DEFINITELY think we watch enough PGA tourneys) then you see the pros wearing bracelets. Most of these are the updated version of the copper bracelets from the 1990s that you would see Chi Chi Rodriquez and others selling. Copper is supposed to work with your body's magnetic field to help it repair itself, or something like that.

I am definitely no doctor (nor play on on the internet) so I have no idea if copper really works and if so, how it works but I love cool looking wristbands so when I won a free one, I had to give it a try.

BioFlow doesn't use copper but magnets and I have no idea if magnets work or not (just don't get it too close to your credit card :P) on the body but the band is sporty.

That thing IS sporty, I mean it just looks cool. They come in several colors and sizes and the recommendation is to size up a bit but honestly if you are right around the mark you might just want to keep with your size.

The band also happens to go great with my golf gear and it was fun wearing it on the course. Whether it helped me play better or not, I can't tell ya but I definitely enjoyed having it on my wrist. The rubber is soft and doesn't get in the way of a swing (if sized properly).

Whether you believe in magnets, copper or you just believe in fashion, BioFlow is an interesting addition to your golf gear.

For more info on BioFlow, check out this website:


I am not a doctor, I have no medical training and I have no idea if magnets, copper or anything else works for you. If you are looking to heal yourself, consult a medical professional. While I won this, I have no other affiliation with BioFlow and certainly do not receive any compensation if you buy this thing. Its the internet, take everything with a grain of salt and learn from it what you can.