Monday, September 28, 2015

Golf Digest Writes Me Up!

This is one of several posts about my attempts to play the ultimate course, the Cypress Point Club. If you have any tips for me or want to invite me to play (!!!) please email me at I promise total discretion for anyone who helps. Thanks! 

Well my week ended pretty great last week. Why? It just so happens that Golf Digest wrote about my quest to play Cypress Point!!!

I think its a true testament to how interconnected we all are when the author found my posts about playing Cypress on Twitter and reached out to me about my quest. So far the article has been a great help to me, I have had 3 people reach out to say they will help.

One offer even got TANTALIZING close to getting me on THIS WEEK. Unreal! I am so thankful for the outpouring of people wanting to help and please keep it up! :)

Even if nothing comes from these new connections, the article gives me a larger platform to reach out and hopefully find someone who knows someone.

Stay tuned!

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