Monday, December 5, 2016

1) Q School

I love the LPGA and one of the reasons is that they still have a meaningful Q school. Geoff wraps up all the stories that came out of the recent one. Congrats to all those gaining status for 2017!

2) Harold! 

A golfer I have been very high on for the last few years is Harold Varner III. He is a great golfer and also has a great attitude toward golf. His headcover also has a Twitter account. All of this aside, HV3 finally broke out with a win in Australia (he got close there last year) and I am stoked! Ryan has a breakdown of all who participated.

3) Smoking

Brandon Stone smoked the field at the Alfred Dunhill links. Muy caliente!

4) Yes, Yes

While all these amazing things in 1-3 happened last weekend, I am sure everyone will focus not on Matsuyama winning the silly season Hero World Challenge but Tiger's up and down 4 days. I hope there are more pieces on Hideki though since he is the hottest golfer going at the moment.

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