Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sterling Hills Review

Sterling Hills is a really pleasant surprise in Southern California golf. I didn't know much about the course prior to playing it but after the first couple of holes, I definitely see what the draw is here.

That draw is...the greens.

Whoa boy are the greens nice. They were mowed close so your putts had pace (but not too much), they were in really good shape so your putts were rolling true and they had a lot of variety so if you missed the green in the wrong place, then your day was really starting.

The front side meanders along with a lot of subtle shelving in the fairways and a lot of dirt patches instead of rough which makes your balls much more findable. There is also a lot of great fescue grasses around the course which add to a surprisingly links-y feel to your round.

There is also a bunch of water on the course but its really more ornamental than challenging your tee shots or approach shots. That being said, it does look purty!

The backside of the course has a lot of elevation gains and losses but my favorite had to be this beauty looking out into the vastness of Ventura county.

Distance control is key as the elevation gains and losses messed with my yardage assessment on several holes.

The course isn't perfect. The sand is inconsistent. They overwater the course leading to mudballs despite not having rain for weeks. Still though, the course is fun to play and fun to chip and putt. If you are in Ventura you should check this out!

For more information on the course, check out the link: http://www.sterlinghillsgolf.com/

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